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Early in march, i've been in Guatemala with my friend she is mexican met while this travel.
we had dinner in restaurant where can see Petenitsua lake , and she started talking about some problem in Mexico.
the story about traffic in coke in the border US. and another one is ways working women in the village in north area.
while we talking , a man came up to us and told me "please give some money to go back to Mexico"
he came here to sell some coke but he had no money for some reason or other . i don't know why?
in central america has many problems but i respect these country because they take a pride of their culture in life.

what is the problems in your country ?
she asked me but my answer were not good at that time.

now Japan is an unprecedented emergency and we have tried many choices and actions.
it's also good to have one question , ex, about renewable energy bill,,, is this taken a turn for nuclear to be abolished? is this really? and looking live broadcast of national assembly , it's makes me disappointed.
but it's better than we don't see.

rather than to be economic power, we hope to be respected , and physical contentment is not never mental contentment !

we should learn and change our thinking. no nuclear , they should eliminate all,,, for our future.